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brdjani1 In organisation of scouts of Belgrade works more than 500 volunteers - adults and those who are close to becoming adults. All of them spend part of their free time for youth and their development. Scout Association of Belgrade gives special attention to education and training of leaders (scout volunteers and leaders) who work with young members - sergeant and chiefs that are educated leaders of platoons and squads.

We are proud of our quality courses for guides, leaders and instructors. Known courses are life in nature (Topography, orientation and food in nature). We are preparing a special thematic training for youth and adults in the organization, in order to better prepare them for work in the organization and for life.

Adult Support

Support young adults include three aspects that correspond to the three roles that adults must play within the scout squad.

brdjani2 Leaders: they must ensure that every activity is organized by the squad is successfully carried out. Adults are not expected to know all the necessary skills for the activities, their responsibility is to provide the necessary technical support, and that their knowledge and experience made available to the scout squad when and where needed.

Instructors: must directly support the process of self-education and to ensure that young peoples experience has a positive impact on the development of knowledge, skills and behavior of these young people. In other words, the instructor as a teacher has to make contact with each individual member - male or female - to help a young person to identify their development needs, to helpthem accept those needs and ensure that it adequately meet the scout program for youth.

Elderly: in a voluntary partnership between adults and young people it must be ensured that such relations within the group are of a positive spirit and enrich all, and that as a group provide attractive environment for steady growth in a scout squad as a whole. The result is a rich partnership in learning between adults and young people based on mutual respect and trust.

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