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Symbolic framework

he symbol we can describe as being domestic, which represents something beyond or abstract (eg an idea or concept). Symbols are often used to help people understand the ideas and identify them by reference to the imagination. In scouting symbolic framework is a set of symbols that represent the Scout educational program for a specific age group. The purpose of simbolnog framework is to develop imagination of young, adventure, creativity and inventiveness, in a way that will encourage their development, assist them to determine the direction of its development and values on which the scouting and encourage linkage and solidarity within the group.

stariji_izvidjaci1 The name of the movement alone - "Scouting", represents an element of symbolic framework that Baden-Powell introduced when he wrote "Scouting for boys" in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of young people at that time. Term "Scouting" includes work and signs of frontiersmen, explorers, hunters, sailors, pilots, pioneers and people who lived in the wild. " Scouting experience represents a closely linked group, developed sense of observation, resourcefulness and simple healthy life in the vastness of nature - are virtues that Baden-Powell and Alam tried to assert.

As Scouting is much more numerous today than when it was created, each age category has its symbolic box determined that corresponds to the degree of maturity and age group that focuses on distinctive educational need, the characteristic of the group.

Personal advancement

stariji_izvidjaci2 Personal progress is an element that helps each young member of scouting organization to develop internal motivation for conscious and active participation in their own development. Allows the young person to progress in the general direction of the educational objectives age groups, in their own way and their own pace and to gain confidence and get credit for the development achieved. Scheme progress is the main tool to support this element of the Scout method.


Nature represents environment - forests, plains, rivers, mountains - as opposed to artificially created environment, such as school yard, concrete blocks in overcrowded cities. Nature represents what Baden-Powell called "a harmonious whole void, historical, and microscopic" and in it are located people.

Because countless possibilities that nature offers a young person in the development of physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual capabilities, natural environment provides an ideal framework for the implementation of the Scout method. In fact, most of the scouting activities are taking place in the natural environment, although this is not always easy to achieve, especially in today's urbanized world.

stariji_izvidjaci3 Using nature as an element of the scout method includes more than just outdoor activities. It includes development of creative contact with nature and use of the unique opportunity to study the natural world that provides a contribution to the development of youth.

The founders of the scouting organization see nature while thinking about the forest, as an educational tool: "Forest is for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear the lab, club and a church at the same time."

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